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New YouGov Poll – Tories Still On 42%

There is another YouGov poll in today’s Sun newspaper showing the Conservatives retaining a commanding 12% lead with a share of 42%. On a series of other questions Gordon’s Brown’s Government is rated as good by just 17% and bad by 44%. The voting intention figures are:

            Conservative              42% (no change)

                                          Labour                       30% (no change) 

                                          Lib Dem                     16% (no change)

There are no changes in the major party shares but the interesting feature of this poll is its huge sampling size. Over 10,000 people were asked for their views.


January 11, 2010 - Posted by | Polls

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  1. Appears this is not a new poll at all but an aggregate of the 2 polls last week and some extra responses . All fieldwork Jan 5th to 7th .
    The detailed data tables give different figures to the Sun Con 40 Lab 30 LD 17 Others 13 .
    Dob’t believe everything you read in the press especially if it is in the Sun .

    Comment by Mark Senior | January 11, 2010 | Reply

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