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Alok Sharma Launches New Website

Reading West Conservative Parliamentary candidate Alok Sharma has launched a new website for the final phase in the run up to the General Election. This is a well designed and attractive website with good information on current and past campaigns, press releases and literature, and links to many local agencies.

I have known Alok for many years and unlike his Labour opponent, he is very much a local Reading man. He grew up in Earley and Whitley Wood and went to school in Reading. As a qualified chartered accountant, he has a range of work experience from working on a factory production line, being a company auditor, tutoring university students, running a business and advising companies. Alok is married and lives in Reading Borough with his wife and two young daughters (pictured left).

Have a look at the website here. It is well worth a look as an example of how to do a political website. Labour have a lot still to learn in this area of campaigning.


February 27, 2010 - Posted by | Local

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  1. Lovely site , but I don’t suppose it will bring answers to questions on Conservative policy.
    For example , given that the Conservatives are allegedly going to scrap the HIP , how do they propose to deal with the EU regulation that says all properties bought,sold or rented must have an EPC ?, without admitting that the EU makes our laws, or leaving the EU !
    Secondly, its all very well to campaign not to build housing here , there or where ever, but how do the Conservatives plan to deal effectively with the demand created by immigration?(numerical answers are good)

    Comment by howard thomas | February 28, 2010 | Reply

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