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New ComRes Poll – Tory Lead Holds at 7% But Lib Dems Fall Back

There is a new poll from Communicate Research reported tonight for tomorrow’s Independent on Sunday / Sunday Mirror which shows the Conservative lead holding at 7% and a big fall in the Lib Dem rating:

             Conservative             39% (up 2%)

                                      Labour                      32% (up 2%) 

                                      Lib Dem                     16% (down 4%)

Others include Green 3%, UKIP 2%, BNP 1%.

When asked to choose from a range of four possible election outcomes, however, voters are split down the middle between a Conservative government, including a minority government supported by the Liberal Democrats (49%), and a Labour government, including one supported by the Lib Dems (51%).  

Which one of these possible outcomes would you personally prefer to see from the forthcoming general election?
Conservative government with an overall majority                                                                      29%
Conservative government with the support of the Liberal Democrats in a hung parliament           20%
Labour government with the support of the Liberal Democrats in a hung parliament             26%
Labour government with an overall majority                                                                       25%

George Osborne is third choice as Chancellor behind Alistair Darling and Vince Cable.

Which of these do you think would make the best Chancellor of the Exchequer?
Alistair Darling               23%
George Osborne           19%
Vince Cable                  21%
Don’t know/none           37%

In other questions, David Cameron has made no progress in the past year in persuading voters that his party is “ready for government”, while the Conservative cut in National Insurance may have helped reinforce the view that Labour is the party of higher taxes.
Neither Labour nor the Conservatives are being honest about how they would reduce public borrowing
Agree               63%
Disagree           27%
The Conservative Party is not yet ready for government
Agree               44%  (45% in June 2009)
Disagree           44% (46% in June 2009)
A Labour government would be more likely than a Conservative Government to increase taxes
Agree               54%
Disagree           30%
I think MPs’ ethical standards will be higher in the new parliament as a result of the reporting of expenses claims over the past year.
Agree               64%
Disagree           28%
ComRes telephoned 1,001 GB adults 9-10 March 2010.


April 10, 2010 - Posted by | Polls

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