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Lib Dem Dirty Tricks Exposed

On Saturday I posted about the negativity of the Lib Dem campaign and how it could rebound on them. I never imagined that even more dirty campaigning would be exposed so soon. Fraser Nelson in the Spectator has an interesting article in which he describes the first Lib Dem poster of the campaign as the “most dishonest” and highlights Vince Cable’s inability to credibly defend its premise.

More worrying though are stories of Lib Dem dirty tricks in different parts of the country. Deborah Thomas Conservative PPC for Twickenham has posted a story about how the local Lib Dems were caught in the act of trying to infiltrate the campaign team of Zac Goldsmith Conservative candidate against Lib Dem MP Susan Kramer in Richmond. The notorious Lib Dem activist Dan Falchikov has been caught out again, this time using a false name to offer to deliver leaflets and help in order to get into the local Conservative campaign office. He was found out when a local Councillor recognised the email address he was using. Having been caught out Falchikov then lied to try to cover his tracks. So not only was this an attempt at infiltrating an opponent’s campaign HQ but it was a very inept one.

Earlier last night I was told about another similar case in the West Country where a Lib Dem activist has been caught out doing exactly the same as Falchikov. I cannot post more about this as I understand the story has been passed to a major national newspaper. Expect more on this soon!

UPDATE: The Surrey Comet has this story with Falchikov denying involvement. However, it is clear from the way the article is written who the newspaper believes!


April 12, 2010 - Posted by | National

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