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Polls Suggest Strong Support for Coalition Government

Two new polls out tonight suggest strong public support for the new Conservative / Lib Dem coalition government. Of course it is early days but the new Government seems to have got off to an impressive start.

A new ComRes poll for BBC Daily Politics shows:

  • Reducing budget deficit – 60% to 29% say they expect the new government to be effective
  • Cleaning up politics – 54% to 36% say new government will be effective
  • However, people are less optimistic on improving NHS – 45% to 43% say will be ineffective
  • And an even split on reducing crime – 45% say effective and the same percentage say ineffective

Analysis of the results by voting behaviour last week shows that: 

  • Conservative voters are the most optimistic about each measure, followed by Lib Dems and then Labour voters
  • Labour voters are, overall, pessimistic about the new government’s effectiveness at reducing crime, improving the NHS and cleaning up politics

On whether the coalition is good or bad for Britain: 

  • 44% say good, 21% say bad and 28% say will make no difference
  • Again it is last week’s Labour voters who are the most negative – 45% of them say it’ll be bad, 24% good compared to 65% of Tory voters and 58% of Lib Dems who say good and only 11% and 17% respectively who say bad.

YouGov have similar results:

60% Approve of the coalition government with only 33% disagreeing. 87% of Conservatives approve, 69% of Lib Dems and 25% of Labour voters.


May 14, 2010 - Posted by | National

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