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Thirsk & Malton Delivers a Resounding Tory Win

When the General Election results were rolling in during the early hours of Friday 7 May one constituency was missing. Thirsk and Malton was not declared with the other seats due to the fact that the UKIP candidate unfortunately died during the campaign and therefore could not be replaced. As a result the vote in Thirsk and Malton had to be postponed.

The seat is a new one created by the Boundary Commission during the last review and therefore the 2005 “result” shown is notional. The notional 2005 result was of a sizeable Conservative majority, with Labour in second place and the Lib Dems in third. This time a Conservative victory was never in doubt but the unusual circumstances of a delayed poll and having it immediately following £6.2bn of cuts in public spending could have led to an upset in different circumstances. The campaign was at times bitter with the Conservatives and Lib Dem candidates trading blows over their respective expenses claims. However, the results declared were unsurprising, with the Lib Dems overtaking Labour, who slumped badly losing 10% of their vote share in the process.

The turnout was over 50% and there was a 5.5% swing from Labour to the Conservatives. Ann MacIntosh MP therefore joins her colleagues in the Commons as the 307th Conservative MP elected at the 2010 General Election.

The full results were as follows:

    Conservative – 20,167 (52.9%)

    Lib Dem – 8,886 (23.3%)

    Labour – 5,169 (13.5%)

    UKIP – 2,502 (6.6%)

    Liberal – 1,418


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