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Another Milestone Passed

Within the last hour or so this blog has passed another small milestone. Since I started blogging in December 2008 I have had over 300,000 hits on articles I have written. There have been peaks and troughs, with the run up to the General Election seeing numbers of hits of around 800 a day. It has fallen back a bit since then and I have been too busy to post as often as I would like but unlike some other blogs that were riding high when I started, I am still here and going strong.

I was very pleased to have been voted the top Conservative Councillor blogger (sorry Paul), and in the top 20 of the Conservative bloggers list compiled by Total Politics. I will be interested to see the “right of centre” and “political blogs” lists when they are published.

One thing I have noticed since the change of control nationally and locally is that my “usual sources” from the other parties have rather dried up of late. So come on dear readers, if you have any interesting inside gossip on what is happening in the local Labour Party, Greens or UKIP please do drop me a line!


September 11, 2010 - Posted by | General Musings

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