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One Labour MP Confirmed as a Liar and One as a Thief

Phil Woolas

The Labour party suffered a double blow today when two former MPs lost their cases in the courts. Former Oldham and Saddleworth MP Phil Woolas was found guilty by an election court of knowingly lying about his election opponent and his election was declared void. I have never agreed with those who felt that the court’s decision was an attack on democracy and I am therefore pleased to learn that the High Court today rejected Woolas’s attempt to over-turn his ban from Parliament.

David Chaytor

In a second case, former Labour MP for Bury North, David Chaytor changed his plea to “guilty” in the case against him for fraudulently claiming more than £18,000 of Parliamentary expenses. He had earlier lost his case in the Supreme Court against the right of courts to try him. He and two other former Labour MPs had attempted to use their position to argue that their actions were covered by Parliamentary privilege. The guilty plea will shorten the likely jail sentence, which could have been as much as seven years.

In both cases these were men who fought tooth and nail to avoid the consequences of their actions. They both protested their innocence until the end but have been found out through the legal system which (unlike in many countries) remains independent from politicians.


December 3, 2010 - Posted by | National

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  1. Labour made a lot of noise about “Tory sleaze” in the run up to 1997. It is interesting to see what a bunch of hypocrites they are. I do hope that Chaytor is just the first of several to end up behind bars.

    Comment by Doodlebug | December 7, 2010 | Reply

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