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Report Shows that Reading is Well Placed for Future Growth

Following previous news that under the new coalition administration the number of apprenticeships has doubled, comes the very welcome news that Reading is seen as one of the best placed “cities” to weather current economic difficulties.

The Centre for Cities 2011 report finds that Reading has the third highest wages of the 63 major towns and cities surveyed; only 7.7% are considered ‘low skilled’ and 37.9% are ‘high skilled’, putting us in the top ten on both measures; we are third best in the country for the percentage claiming Job Seekers Allowance with just 2.2%  in November 2010; Reading also has the sixth highest employment rate with 76.2%; it is estimated to be one of the least affected (per capita) by cuts to welfare benefits.

Reading is picked out by the report as being one of the five best major towns and cities with potential for further growth, along with Aberdeen, Bristol, Leeds and Milton Keynes. Whilst we certainly cannot be complacent, there is great cause for optimism in this report for the people of Reading. Add to that spending (£800m+) on Reading Station, known plans for places like Station Hill and South Reading, which will bring jobs and investment, and the future is very positive for Reading’s economy. This should ensure that we remain the key cog in the economic engine of the South East of England, which is key to the whole of the UK.


January 24, 2011 - Posted by | Local, National


  1. Well that’s all right then. I note that when things were going well you were more than happy to comment on what was happening at a national level but now things are unravelling for the Conservative led coalition you put your little Readinger hat on and post only on local issues. Do you have any thoughts at all on:
    1) Andy Coulson
    2) Hugely increased Petrol Prices
    3) Oldham & Saddleworth
    4) Rising inflation
    5) Low growth
    6) NHS reform
    7) Prisoners getting the vote

    Comment by Phil the Greek | January 25, 2011 | Reply

    • Phil – that is one of the silliest comments you have posted to date!

      Look back over the 2 years this blog has been running and you will see that there is a range of local and national articles depending on what I chose to write about and what is happening. As I have said before I will comment on what I find interesting and not on any agenda that you seek to set. Why don’t you set up your own blog and comment on what your Labour friends tell you?

      Comment by Richard Willis | January 25, 2011 | Reply

  2. Apologies – 5 should have read minus growth.

    Comment by Phil the Greek | January 25, 2011 | Reply

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