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Canadian Conservatives Sweep to Victory

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Conservatives in Canada have swept to a stunning victory in last night’s General Election, with Prime Minister Stephen Harper achieving an overall majority in the country’s House of Commons for the first time. The Opposition Liberal party was crushed, as was the pro-independence Bloc Quebecois in French-speaking Quebec.

Harper fought an effective campaign, winning seats across Canada, and achieving what many commentators thought impossible. Even as late as last night some were predicting that he would be short of an overall majority. Since he took over as leader he has led the Conservatives to improved positions at successive General Elections, as the party recovered from its previous splits and reduction to just 2 seats in the Commons. Very few Prime Ministers in any democratic country can claim such an illustrious record.

The results for the 308 seat Commons are as follows:

           Conservative – 167 seats (+24)

           New Democratic Party – 102 seats (+66)

           Liberal – 34 seats (-43)

           Bloc Quebecois – 4 seats (-43)

           Green – 1 seat (+1)

Thus Harper will have a majority but he will also have a numerically strong Opposition. However, some reports suggest that the NDPs success led to a lot of “paper” candidates being elected, which could lead to problems with party unity as some hold rather eccentric views!


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