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New ICM Poll – Labour’s Lead Cut to 2%

There is a new ICM poll in the Guardian showing Labour’s lead over the Conservatives being cut to just 2%:

       Conservative              36% (up 1%)

                                                  Labour                        38% (down 1%)

                                                  Lib Dem                      14% (up 1%)

The changes are within the margin of error but with such small differences between the parties this can make a big difference in the lead shown.

ICM Research interviewed a random sample of 1,005 adults aged 18 and above by telephone on 18-20 November 2011.


November 22, 2011 - Posted by | Polls

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  1. The only thing that seems consistant at this time is the Conservative Share at around 36% in the various polls and there seems to be a backwards and forward shift between the Lib Dems shown as 12% on this Poll but only 9% in the Poll posted yesterday 21st Nov. Can they really be believed to be honest?

    Comment by Steve Foley | November 22, 2011 | Reply

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