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Feltham and Heston By Election

The polls have now closed in the Feltham and Heston by election. Parliamentary by elections are relatively scarce nowadays and those in more marginal seats are even rarer. They therefore tend to be pored over by pundits to see what lessons they can draw for the major parties.

The Feltham and Heston by election was caused by the sad death of Labour MP Alan Keen last month. In May 2010 Keen held the seat with a 4,658 majority despite a 4.8% swing to the Conservatives who have reselected their General Election candidate Mark Bowen.

Labour selected Seema Malhotra-Suma who has attracted some criticism for dropping her double-barrelled surname and playing down her millionaire lifestyle and £3m house in Chelsea.

The Conservatives need to achieve another 4.8% swing tonight to overturn Labour’s majority and despite a jump in the polls since David Cameron exercised the veto in the EU, they are not expected to win the seat. The test will be whether they can further narrow Labour’s majority.

The following candidates are standing for election:

Seema Malhotra (Labour)

Mark Bowen (Conservative)

Roger Crouch (Liberal Democrat)

Daniel Goldsmith (Green)

Andrew Charalambous (UKIP)

Roger Cooper (English Democrats)

David Furness (BNP)

George Hallam (London People Before Profit)

David Bishop (Bus-Pass Elvis Party)


December 15, 2011 - Posted by | National

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