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Triple Trouble for Hapless Miliband

Ed Miliband

2012 is not proving to be a good year so far for Labour Leader Ed Miliband. His leadership was fatefully undermined when senior advisor Lord Glasman started the year by describing Miliband minor’s leadership as having “no strategy, no narrative, and little energy”. Following this Miliband’s leadership poll ratings plumetted even among strong Labour supporters.

However, today Miliband has suffered three further blows:

The first blow was the news of the defection of Luke Bozier (27), former senior Blairite advisor, to the Conservative Party. He was scathing about the Labour Party under Ed Miliband who he said is proving a “disaster” as Labour leader; his party had “zero credibility” on the economy. He also said “Labour has a vacuum of policy and a vacuum of vision. Even if Ed Miliband had a policy and a vision, he is clearly unable to communicate it or connect with the electorate in any meaningful way.” Clearly an insightful young man!

The second was another attack on his leadership launched by senior Trade Union leader Len McCluskey, General Secretary of the Unite Union. He attacks the weekend relaunch of Miliband’s leadership which sought to accept the basic principles of the Coalition’s austerity policy. He considers that the new stance “challenges the whole course Ed Miliband has set for the party, and perhaps his leadership itself”. It “will lead to the destruction of the Labour party as constituted and certain election defeat”.

The third blow was the enforced resignation of Labour MP Tom Harris as the party’s Online Campaign Leader in Scotland for likening SNP leader Alex Salmond to Adolf Hitler in a spoof video. After the way Labour attacks any Conservative or Royal who is foolish enough to be in anyway associated with Nazi emblemology, it is hypocrisy in the extreme for a senior Labour MP to liken another politician to Hitler.

Many Conservatives are now advising David Cameron to go easy on Miliband at Prime Minister’s Questions. The last thing the party wants is for Labour to replace him with someone more effective. The same probably applies to Ed Balls, who while he appeals to core Labour supporters, is a turn off to more moderate and floating voters.


January 16, 2012 - Posted by | National

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  1. Certainly 16th Jan 2012 was “Blue Monday” for Ed Miliband and Labour under his inept Leadership. It may even be the day that Labour lost the 2015 General Election. The champagne corks must be popping in CCHQ and no doubt in the Cameron residence today. It will be of interest to see if the Tories now achieve and maintain a reasonable lead in the Polls? Certainly Cameron ought to take out a life insurance or “Key Man” insurance policy on Ed Miliband and for that matter Balls too.

    Comment by Steve Foley | January 17, 2012 | Reply

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