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RESCUE in Emmer Green

Yesterday (Sunday) I was pleased to join Emmer Green Residents’ Association (EGRA) and Caversham GLOBE for a RESCUE litter pick in the woods behind Marshland Square/St Luke’s Way and the rough land between Rotherfield Way and Southdown. I was joined by our Peppard ward candidate Jane Stanford-Beale, and a small team of us set off at about 11am with orange plastic bags for general rubbish, clear bags for recyclables and some litter picking sticks.

I’m not sure what I was expecting to find. Perhaps the usual coke and beer cans, plus sweet wrappers and a few glass bottles, but I was truly shocked at the quantity of rubbish we found.

At the end of a two hour session five of us had recovered 8 orange bags of general waste (including glass), 7 clear bags of recyclables, a car wheel, a tyre, part of a TV, a plastic car bumper, 2 mobile phones, a traffic cone, an estate agent’s board and part of the post, plus what looked like the metal frames of a pram and a rocking horse!

We saw quite a few local residents, most of whom encouraged us on our way with supportive comments and praise, but I was irritated by one local resident who despite seeing us clearing up proceeded to come out of his house several times to dump what looked like garden waste on the highway land between Rotherfield Way and Southdown. It was clear that this was a site for regular household fly-tipping as there were many black plastic bags and other household rubbish such as a mattress and an ironing board. Unfortunately we could not reach these so I have reported them to the Council hotline together with a photo.

It was an eye-opening experience and I am sure I will be out doing it again. Well done to EGRA for organising this event.


March 12, 2012 - Posted by | Local


  1. Hi Richard, it was a pleasure to have you joining us. Your physique (height) certainly helped in reaching and carrying back some of the items you mention. As you know we did not manage to finish the designated area due to the high volume of refuse we found. So thanks for posting on the event for next time as there is never enough volunteers or hours to say “Job done”. Our local community here in Emmer Green already takes care and pride in their environment and no doubt our participation this year will prompt more involvement in this worthwile cause.

    Comment by Jasmine Waters | March 13, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks Jasmine! Let me know when you organise the next one!

      Comment by Richard Willis | March 13, 2012 | Reply

  2. Don’t forget Richard, the RESCUE event in Emmer Green took place over a period of 2 days and the Saturday team collected 20 bags. So in total, in just 4 hours, we picked a staggering 35 bags + big items. well done to all who came to help. It would be good if this was more of a regular event than on a yearly basis. Everyone seemed to enjoy it thoroughly and we even had free refreshment from a local shop to thank us for our hard work. It did help that the sun was shining on us on both days!

    Comment by Jasmine Waters | March 15, 2012 | Reply

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