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New YouGov Poll – Labour Lead Down to 8%

There is a new YouGov poll for tomorrow’s Sun newspaper which shows Labour’s down to 8% with the Lib Dems and UKIP both up slightly:

                   Conservative               34% (down 1%)

                   Labour                         42% (down 2%)

                                                     Lib Dem                         9% (up 2%)

                                                     UKIP                               7% (up 1%)

As I noted the other day Labour’s lead is now as often below 10% as it is above. Labour have sometimes had a lead of 10 or 11% with YouGov but this is now less common than a couple of months ago.

Changes shown are compared to the last YouGov poll I reported on 9 July.


July 19, 2012 - Posted by | Polls |

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  1. Interesting trend. I wonder why? The Government has not done anything particularly popular recently and indeed the Tory share is down one point so it can only be something that Labour has done or possibly not said it would do that is slightly eroding its lead. Could it be that the softer Labour vote has been discouraged by Ed Miliband being the first Labour Leader for a long time to attend the Durham Miners’ Gala (which for some strange reason they pronounce Gayla) and which is associated with Old Labour and the Trade Unions. Is it as a result of the Home Office Staff strike taking place at the time of the opening of the Olympics? Will this trending down of the Labour Lead increase or will it continue to waver between 8 and 10%?

    I still feel that we could do with a by-election in a Conservative Constituency, particularly in a Con V Lab Marginal, to test the water but that is in greater hands than ours.

    Comment by Steve Foley | July 20, 2012 | Reply

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