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Reading Council Warns of Increased Car Park Charges

Drivers are being reminded by the Council that some steeply increased car parking fees come into effect next Monday (August 6).

In June Reading Borough Council’s Labour Cabinet agreed increases to many tariffs for car parks across the borough. The changes – which come into effect from Monday August 6 – are part of a regular review of charges by the Council and NCP, the Council’s contractor.

Short term tariffs at Broad Street Mall, Civic Offices B and Queen’s Road car parks remain frozen at £1.60 for one hour, £3.20 for up to two hours and £6.50 for up to four hours, with the night rate (6pm to 8am) also frozen at £3.50. There is a 10% rise of £1 – from £10 to £11 for up to six hours parking at the sites and a rise of £1 from £14 to £15 for between 6 hours and 24 hours parking.

At Kings Meadow, car park short term parking up to 2 hours increases by 11% from £1.80 to £2 and the tariff for 24 hour parking remains frozen at £7. The tariff for parking at Kings Meadow on a Sunday or Bank Holiday will now mirror the normal Monday to Saturday rate having previously been at a reduced rate of just £1.

At Hills Meadow, short term parking for up to 2 hour rate, goes up 6% from £1.70 to £1.80 and parking for up to 24 hours will rise 20% from £5 to £6. Regular weekend visitors to Hills Meadow are particularly asked to note that from Monday August 6 onwards normal weekday rates will apply to using the car park on both Saturdays and Sundays. Previously parking was free on Saturday afternoons between 1pm and 6pm, and there was a £1 charge for parking on a Sunday.

NCP will be putting up advance notices in Hills Meadow in the days leading up to August 6. On Saturday August 11 and Saturday August 16 warning notices rather than penalty notices will be placed on vehicles which are not displaying a valid parking ticket. This is being done to ensure motorists are fully aware they could be fined in the future if they do not display a valid parking ticket.

Parking tariffs for Chester Street, Recreation Road and Dunstall Close remain frozen at current rates. At Cattle Market, parking for up to 24 hours goes up 12.5%  from £4 to £4.50, the previous reduced rate of £3 on Sundays and Bank Holidays will be scrapped and normal weekday charges of £4.50 will apply – an increase of 50%! Parking on Saturday for up to one hour remains frozen at 50 pence. HGV parking goes up 15% from £6.50 to £7.50.

The full list of charges can be found here, under Agenda Item 15, Appendix 1.

The other proposal in the Cabinet report for micro park and ride schemes at Clayfield Copse and Palmer Park was dropped after mass campaigns at both locations.


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