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New YouGov Poll – Labour Lead Stuck at 7%

There is a new YouGov poll for today’s Sunday Times newspaper which shows Labour’s lead holding at 7% following a week of double digit leads for Labour in the daily Sun YouGov polls:

                   Conservative               35% (no change)

                   Labour                         42% (no change

                                                     Lib Dem                          9% (no change)

                                                     UKIP                                7% (no change)

This poll confirms last Sunday’s YouGov poll which had exactly the same vote shares for the two big parties and the two minnows. It appears that after a period of UKIP leading the Lib Dems we have settled into a pattern of the Lib Dems being a few percentage points ahead of them. The Conservatives will want to see a Lib Dem recovery taking votes back off Labour to erode Labour’s modest lead.

This poll also confirms that Ed Miliband remains a drag on the Labour vote share. Miliband has slipped from -16% to -23% approval rating, while Cameron is in the least bad position on -19%. Clegg languishes at -53%.

Changes shown are compared to the last YouGov poll I reported on 28 Oct.


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  1. Yes but a Poll I posted to you yesterday shows Labour with an 11% lead so how about you posting that one too on your blog?

    In any event a 7% Labour lead will hand them the Corby by-election on a plate, it only needs a 1.8% swing, and give them a good showing in the PCC elections held on the same date.

    On that matter I have already filled out and mailed back my Postal Vote for the PCC for Thames Valley. Originally I was not going to vote in this election as I see no requirement for this Office but was persuaded by a poster on Facebook as to the need to do so. accordingly I have voted but neither my first nor second choice was for your party Richard.

    Comment by Steve Foley | November 4, 2012 | Reply


    This is the Poll to which I refer above.

    Comment by Steve Foley | November 4, 2012 | Reply

  3. “The Conservatives will want to see a Lib Dem recovery ” That says it all and is one of the many reasons I can not support your party whilst it is under the current management ” Power at any price and sacrifice of any tenet or principle and alliance with a party, the Lib-Dems who are every but as much your enemy and in some ways more-so than Labour. A party which stood against Conservatives in May 2010 and indeed defeated a Tory MP in Wells Constituency. The record since May 2010 does not commend itself to me either i have to say.

    I DO hope that the Conservative Party is purged of the virus of Cameronism and return to its former glory under Leaders such as Macmillan and Thatcher but feel that the physic to do so will be a large dose of Labour Government.

    Comment by Steve Foley | November 4, 2012 | Reply

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