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Three New Polls Show Labour’s Lead at 5% or Less

Three new opinion polls have been published in the last 24 hours all showing the same picture with each of the three main parties within 2% in each poll:

Populus Poll – 5 August

                                   Cons 33% / Lab 38% / LD 12% / UKIP 9% – Labour Lead 5%

YouGov Poll – 6 August

                                   Cons 34% / Lab 38% / LD 11% / UKIP 12% – Labour Lead 4%

ComRes Poll – 6 August

                                   Cons 34% / Lab 37% / LD 10% / UKIP 12% – Labour Lead 3%

It has been unusual recently to have such consistency across different pollsters. We are beginning to see a consistent pattern of Labour down a couple of points, Conservatives up 3-4% and UKIP falling back from their highs of around 20% following the last local elections. Last month we had an ICM poll showing the Conservatives and Labour both on 36%. It cannot be long before we see other pollsters giving similar results.

It is no wonder that dissent is breaking out again within the Labour Party with senior figures criticising Ed Miliband’s poor leadership and complacency.

The next election is now less than 2 years away and it is looking like it will be a close run campaign, rather than the walkover that some Labour MPs seemed to be expecting last year and earlier this year!


August 6, 2013 - Posted by | Polls


  1. Hot weather, heavy retail discounting and bankers bonuses have all contributed to a highly distorted view of the current state of the economy. Come the winter with rising fuel prices, sky high utility bills, increasing unemployment and a failing economy the polls will give a much truer reflection of the inadequacy of this miserable coalition.

    Comment by Phil the Greek | August 7, 2013 | Reply

  2. Should we assume that Phil is not a fan of the current government?
    Mind you, with the deficit still running at more than £118billion, nor am I!
    The deficit rose by £300million last year. I wonder if the heavy rains we experienced in 2012 extinguished the ‘bonfire of the quangos’ !
    We need to stop borrowing this massive amount of money and by taking a sharp hatchet to the quangos(cost about £60billion) and making sure that big companies pay their share of taxation(About £40billion avoided) and leaving the EU (saving us maybe £12billion)……………we could be getting somewhere near it.
    How to make big companies pay their tax……….simple ……for example…..a turnover tax of perhaps 3% would do that. Company turns over £100million, turnover tax £3million. Their profit might be £15million…………taxation payed, done and dusted. Nowhere to run, fancy accountants or not..
    And I haven’t even mentioned the massive amount of money wasted by the way that we provide social housing. What do our current shower come up with………….a so called ‘bedroom tax’, the saving from which are likely to be about £400million , and the administration costs might be?????

    Comment by Howard Thomas | August 7, 2013 | Reply

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