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September 29, 2013 Posted by | National | 1 Comment

Success in Abbey Ward

010Throughout the summer and into the autumn Reading East Conservatives have been out door-knocking every week in the Reading Borough and Woodley/Earley wards. I get used to people venting their frustrations with the ruling Labour administration and about their transport policies in particular. This morning we were in the solid Labour Abbey ward which is currently represented on the Council by Cllrs Mohammed Ayub, Bet Tickner, and Transport Lead Tony Page. We finished in Addison Road and turned into Cardiff Road which backs onto the railway line. Local residents have been suffering with noise from the First Great Western trains running their engines loudly at night as they wait to enter the newly built depot.

This is an issue which Reading East MP Rob Wilson has taken up with the train operating company and also Network Rail which has built the new depot. Rob obtained agreement to improved sound-proofing and asked FGW to instruct their drivers not to stop with engines running behind Cardiff Road. The reaction we got on the doors this morning indicates that Rob’s work is very much appreciated in contrast with the lack of action from the Labour ward Councillors.

This was most graphically illustrated by a brilliant home made poster we encountered in Cardiff Road (shown left). Labour likes to think that Abbey ward is safe for them but clearly some residents are reconsidering their votes next May!


September 28, 2013 Posted by | Local | 1 Comment

I Am Back!

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me in the last couple weeks to ask why I have not been writing recently and asking if I am OK. It is good to know that people do continue to read this blog and notice when I don’t post for a while! Interestingly my readership figures have held up pretty well despite me not posting for several weeks.

The truth is that I have been rather busy both at work and working on a couple of projects which will form a part of the next local elections and possibly the General Election campaign. However, I expect to be back to posting several times a week as before. There is a lot happening in politics at present and we are in interesting political times.

The opinion polls have been jumping around with Labour leads between 0 and 9% recently. Until the party conference season is over it is unwise to draw any firm conclusions but Labour’s lurch to the left last week has sown the seeds of problems for the party closer to the General Election.

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