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Labour Suffers Councillor Resignations in Derby, Bristol and Cardiff

WILTED-ROSE-2All parties at local government level see a certain number of Councillors resigning or defecting but this seems to have affected Labour more than most in the last week or so.

In Derby Cllr Lisa Higginbottom, a former Mayor of the City has resigned from the Labour party and will continue as an Independent. The resignation does not change Labour’s control of the city council but in view of her former position as first citizen it will be a blow to the Labour group. Derby has suffered from accusations of voting fraud and Cllr Higginbottom took the undoubtedly difficult decision to vote with the Conservatives and against her former colleagues for next year’s local elections to be supervised by the independent Electoral Commission.

Over in Bristol former Lead Councillor for Education Cllr David Pickup has also resigned from the Labour party. He has announced that he will not contest next year’s local elections but has refused to elaborate further on the reasons behind his decision. Bristol is a hung council with Labour as the largest party.

Further west in Cardiff two Labour Councillors have decided to resign their seats on the city council forcing by-elections. Cllr Luke Holland is resigning to move to London after receiving criticism for his poor attendance record. Cllr Phil Hawkins is resigning for “personal reasons” after standing for the leadership of his Group and losing. Both were only elected to the council last May! Whilst the Cardiff pair have not, to my knowledge, resigned from the party, having two unnecessary by-elections will not be welcomed by the party machine.


October 22, 2013 - Posted by | National

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