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Mystic Ed and his Faulty Crystal Balls!


October 28, 2013 - Posted by | National

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  1. Its just a little difficult to get carried away with the economic ‘success’ story. Yes, there is some growth and clearly that has to be welcome, but to keep telling us that the deficit is down by a third is now just a bit stale now especially given that it rose ever so slightly last year and therefore is no longer falling. Given that Gordon Brown was borrowing circa £37-40 billion a year in a growing economy it is not very impressive to know that the UK is still borrowing £118billion in an economy that is growing slightly. Its not good and to think that the national debt will double over the term of this government which kind of says it all!
    The coalition ought to be chopping the real waste of government (tax payers’s) cash on the likes of what is a mountain of quangos and massive tax avoidance by the big companies. It is high time to think outside the box. For example a turnover tax would bring in monies from big buisness who then would have no option but to pay the government money to trade in the UK. This could be as little as 3% which I know would be added to prices , but would swell tax receipts by billions of pounds. As a thought if that applied only to companies with a turnover of more than perhaps £50million it would help the smaller companies to compete.
    And then there is the quite obvious waste of many billions of pounds by the UK’s continued membership of the EU.
    Think ‘big picture’ guys!! There may be some growth but our country is drowning in massively rising debt which has to be payed for.

    Comment by Howard Thomas | November 2, 2013 | Reply

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