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UKIP Set to Lose More Councillors!

UKIPI wrote the other day about UKIP’s difficulties in Worcestershire where former MEP Mike Nattrass is forming a new anti-EU party with the support of a number of defecting key UKIP members. Now on the other side of England comes the news that UKIP is experiencing difficulties with a significant breakaway group of Councillors in Lincolnshire.

In one of the Counties where UKIP made the most progress in May this year five Councillors, including Group Leader Cllr Chris Pain, broke away to form a new Council group initially called “UKIP Lincolnshire” and then the “UK Independence Group”. If the five do not relent they face expulsion from the national party and would have to decide whether to sit as Independents or join Nattrass’s new party. I am sure that the local Conservative group would be interested in talking to them as well.

For a tiny party with fewer than 200 Councillors UKIP can ill afford to be losing so many so quickly after their election let alone the damage that this scale of infighting does to their reputation with the electorate. Still, UKIP has a long track record of electing MEPs only to lose many of them before the following election:



November 7, 2013 - Posted by | National


  1. Answer this one simple question… the ultimate aim of the EU is the destruction of all nation states and a federal United States of Europe. Do you support the end of sovereign rule in the UK and our full membership as a state in the new country called “Europe”?

    It is this simple question that will make or break the Conservatives. As more people realise that the EU is fast moving towards the federal country (the UK will become a region) then they will vote UKIP – simply because none of the other parties are willing to give the people the choice to stay independent and control our own destiny.

    Comment by David | November 7, 2013 | Reply

    • No I don’t support the end of sovereign rule in the UK. That is why I support the Conservatives who can deliver a renegotiation of our relationship with the EU and a referendum in 2017. UKIP are a distraction which, if they take enough votes from the Conservatives, will deliver a Miliband led pro-EU government. Vote Conservative in 2015 to get a better relationship with our European partners.

      Comment by Richard Willis | November 9, 2013 | Reply

      • Richard, you say you do not support the end of sovereign rule, but, you support staying within the EU which has a president and fellow commissioners now openly talking of the United States of Europe.

        Next month the EU will debate a joint European Army – they want to merge ALL armed forces across Europe… another step towards the federal Europe which you say you do not support.

        So do you still support the EU given they are set to remove our armed forces and our sovereignty?

        When the public are made aware of these developments UKIP will receive a huge boost and you and your fellow councillors and possibly MPs will have to explain to the public why you openly support an organisation that aims to destroy our country.

        These are very dangerous times for our nation and I hope you will support the country that our forefathers died for 100 years ago rather than support an institution that aims to take control of our nation through stealth, smoke and mirrors – with quite a bit of help from your party.

        So please explain how renegotiation of powers is going to stop an EU army and the overall aim of the EU being a European Super State.

        This is why UKIP will continue rising.

        Comment by Ian | November 16, 2013

  2. You are kidding yourself Richard if you imagine that the referendum that David Cameron proposes will be anything more than a smoke screen to confuse the electorate and get an outcome of continued membership of the EU on something like the same terms that we have now but with a different way of presenting the facts. I doubt that he will be in a position to see through his promise in 2017 because he has to win an election first and while we all see Ed Miliband as the idiot here, what would happen if he was to include in his manifesto the promise to abandon the HS2 project and use that money to re-nationalise the energy and water companies. I don’t see any promise that DC makes about ‘cast iron’ referendums batting that one back!

    Comment by Howard Thomas | November 9, 2013 | Reply

  3. Who is the second man down second row first one! I need to know his name?

    Comment by Jodie | November 24, 2013 | Reply

  4. UKIP’s here to stay, despite the spleen and venom of the gang of three, whose monopoly of British politics has brought Britain to its knees.

    To hear them all trying to outbid each other with empty promises embellished with spin and bull is nauseating and it’s hardly surprising that more and more people are supporting UKIP which is a party not of the right, nor left, but a party of and for the people.

    Yes, there will always be disagreements and personality clashes within every party and we can expect dirty tricks and filthy tactics from the gang of three, who will lose no opportunities to make as much mischief and stir up trouble for UKIP at every opportunity.

    It shows the gang of three up for exactly what they are . An absolute shower !

    Meanwhile, I’m all ears waiting to see how well the Camoron manages to put Britain’s case for E.U. reforms to Angela Merkel and her cronies, who will doubtless be shivering in their shoes when Bullingdon Bertie gets up on his hind legs and starts waffling.

    Talk’s cheap, but it’s actions that speak louder than words.

    Comment by Lomond Handley | October 17, 2014 | Reply

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