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UKIP’s Problems Around the Country Multiply!

UKIPI have written recently about UKIP’s problems in Lincolnshire and Worcester but am grateful to a reader who has sent me a link to a story of rows and resignations in Scotland. It seems that after allegations of dirty tricks within the local organisation, 6 out of 9 of the party’s Euro candidates, including Scottish Leader Lord Christopher Monckton and local Chairman Mike Scott-Hayward, have resigned from the Euro-slate just as the internal ballot papers were about to be issued. The debacle ended with London-based David Coburn winning the top slot on the UKIP Scottish Euro list after the National Executive Committee decided that the selection should proceed without 2/3rds of the original candidates. The Scottish Herald reports that UKIP in Scotland is “in turmoil”!

Trouble is also brewing for UKIP in Hampshire and Yorkshire. Two UKIP Councillors in Hampshire have already quit the party with rumours of more to follow while up in Yorkshire a young potential local Council by-election candidate is in trouble for speaking out over the antics of former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom.

Even though Paul Sykes has promised to push money into UKIPs national campaign if they don’t have the people on the ground and the credibility locally it will be to little effect. Just look at James Goldsmith’s Referendum Party!


November 19, 2013 - Posted by | National

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