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New ICM Poll – Labour’s Lead up to 5%

There is a new ICM poll in the Guardian tomorrow showing Labour’s lead in Westminster voting intentions edging up to 5% while the Lib Dems remain ahead of UKIP for the second month in a row:

         Conservative              32% (down 3%)

                                                    Labour                        37% (down 1%)

                                                    Lib Dem                      12% (no change)

                                                    UKIP                             11% (up 2%)

Despite all the coverage of Maria Miller’s expenses and her consequent resignation Labour can still only manage a 5% lead in the most reliable pollster’s findings.

ICM also has a European Election poll which has UKIP in third place. It finds Labour ahead with 36% (+1%), Cons 25% (NC), UKIP 20% (NC), LD 6% (-3%), Green 6% (-1%).

ICM Research interviewed a random sample of 1,000 adults aged 18+ by telephone on 11-13 April 2014. Interviews were conducted across the country and the results have been weighted to the profile of all adults.

ICM_Poll_Apr 14



April 14, 2014 - Posted by | Polls

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