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Mareham Ward By Election – Conservative Gain!

IMG_5841The Sleaford Town Council by-election in Mareham Ward today was a Conservative gain. I stood for the local Conservatives against the only other candidate a Lincolnshire Independent. They are a local political party who are well dug in some parts of the county and have almost complete control of the Town Council. I undertook my usual campaign of door-knocking and talking to residents about their concerns. I found that I was well received and despite some awful weather I got round a good part of the ward. I certainly made sure that every letterbox I could get to had a leaflet from me.

The Lincs Independents also leafleted but their candidate didn’t seem to even step into the ward. He certainly didn’t turn up at the polling station on the day and not even for the count! However, his party colleagues were there in force, with their leader on the Town Council giving me a lecture on the importance of working with them and of unanimity! We will see how that goes!

In the end the result was close but I defeated the Lincs Independent candidate by 148 votes (51%) to 140 votes (49%). Turnout was just 15.4%. I am currently the only Conservative on the Town Council.

Photo: L-R Cllr Richard Wright(North Kesteven DC), Cllr Richard Willis and Cllr Stuart Tweedale (Lincs County Council).

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