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General Election 2015 Anniversary

One year ago tonight I was settling down to watch the 2015 General Election results come in. I remember delight when the BBC exit poll was revealed and having to stay up all night as the results just got better and better.

You can watch it all yourself and relive that amazing night here:

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Conservatives Gain Lincs Police and Crime Commissioner

Lincolnshire Police sign, badge, logo. Requested - Paul Whitelam Picture - Ian Jubb

Over the last few months I have been pounding the streets delivering leaflets for Marc Jones the Conservative candidate for Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner. Marc is an experienced County Councillor who brings many skills to the PCC post, not least a deep understanding of how to get the best value for money from limited budgets. I have delivered many thousands of leaflets for Marc in Sleaford and elsewhere in the Sleaford & North Hykeham constituency. The other candidates were Victoria Ayling for UKIP, Lucinda Preston for Labour and, the latecomer, Daniel Simpson for the Lincs Ind Party. I attended one of Victoria’s public meetings in Sleaford and was the only member of the public who turned up!

Marc was the first candidate to be selected and he has fought a long and well organised campaign. We had leaflets out across large parts of Lincolnshire well before the postal votes were issued. By contrast, I got a single leaflet from Daniel Simpson in the week before the election and a very poor quality one from Labour a couple of days ahead of polling day. I received nothing from UKIP at all.

In 2011 Alan Hardwick was elected as Lincs PCC as an Independent. After one term he decided that he didn’t wish to continue and stood down from the post. We had high hopes of winning Lincolnshire this time but knew that nothing could be taken for granted and it is hard to know how second preference votes will split. In the end Marc won comfortably.

The results were:

First ballot:

Marc Jones (Conservative) – 39,411

Victoria Ayling (UKIP) – 28,583

Lucinda Preston (Labour) – 25,475

Daniel Simpson (Lincs Ind) – 18,497

After the bottom two candidates were eliminated and second preferences redistributed the final vote was:

Marc Jones (Conservative) – 48,033 ELECTED

Victoria Ayling (UKIP) – 37,420

I am delighted for Marc and for the people of Lincolnshire who will now get a competent and dynamic PCC to oversee the Lincolnshire Police. His main focus will be finance and strategy, while the Chief Constable retains operational control of policing in the administrative county.


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